Flameproof Film

Single- and multilayer films as flat films, tubular films, semi-tubular films, tubular satchel films.

No Physiological harmlessness explanation possible. Datasheet on demand.
Equippable according fire prevention classes B1 or B2
does not protect against fire, acts rather flame-retardant


100 – 2950 flat film
400 – 3000 mm tube film


from 0.025 mm

Finishing Possibilities:

fire protection equipment according to DIN 4102, B2
corona treatment, one or both sides
color pigmentation as required
cold perforation, all-over or partial
perforation for ventilation
format punching

Basically, it is possible to produce the films on both sides pre-treated for printing (full surface or segments), dyed, needled (full surface or segments), perforated and/or monochrome black with marking prints.

All specifications are approximate and always depend on the product-specific requirements.

For special requirements, the manufactured films can be extruded as a parent roll and then cut over a slitter roll (with excellent winding or excellent roll mirror).

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