Flameproof Film

Single- and multilayer films as flat films, tubular films, semi-tubular films, tubular satchel films.

No Physiological harmlessness explanation possible. Datasheet on demand.
Equippable according fire prevention classes B1 or B2
does not protect against fire, acts rather flame-retardant

Width:100 - 2950 flat film
400 - 3000 mm tube film
Thickness:from 0.025 mm
Finishing Possibilities: fire protection equipment according to DIN 4102, B2
corona treatment, one or both sides
color pigmentation as required
cold perforation, all-over or partial
perforation for ventilation
format punching

Basically, it is possible to produce the films on both sides pre-treated for printing (full surface or segments), dyed, needled (full surface or segments), perforated and/or monochrome black with marking prints.

All specifications are approximate and always depend on the product-specific requirements.

For special requirements, the manufactured films can be extruded as a parent roll and then cut over a slitter roll (with excellent winding or excellent roll mirror).


For years Folietec Kunststoffwerk AG has been participating in a sustainable network of PRS's pallet reuse system. This involves the controlled reuse and sharing of CP pallets for the European polymer industry. It makes an effective contribution to environmental protection and the careful use of resources as well as to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and minimising packaging waste.
Folietec Kunststoffwerk AG takes part in the IK initiative “Zero Pellet Loss” and created technical and organisational framework in its operations in order to avoid the spillage of pellet and to ensure that any pellet spilt is not released into the environment. Besides we provide training to our employees in the prevention and, should the situation arise, effective elimination of plastic pellet spillage.
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