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The Folietec Kunststoffwerk AG is a medium-sized company. We produce technically demanding packaging foils for different purposes at our place of location Roßleben.

To the strengthening of our team we look at once or by arrangement for

Machine operator and system operator (m/w)

Electronic technician for industrial engineering (m/w)

Your profile:

concluded professional training as

  • Process engineer for plastic and caoutchouc technology (m/w)
  • Machine operator and system operator (m/w) or industrial mechanic (m/w)
  • Electronic technician for industrial engineering (m/w)

  • Grounding in the in-plant transport (forklift)
  • Knowledge of the German language (spoken and written)
  • Flexibility and readiness to shift-work
  • Reliable, conscientious and independent functioning
  • Physical loading capacity
  • Passenger car and valid driving licence

We offer unlimited employer-employee relationships on above-average, adequate remuneration.

Education – your way to the Folietec Kunststoffwerk AG

We as an enterprise make our contribution to the promotion of young people by a high-quality and diverse binary professional education. Just become a part of the Folietec Kunststoffwerk AG and apply for a professional training with us. Here you find a short overview about the qualified jobs possible with us.

Process engineer
for plastic and caoutchouc technology (m/w)

Duration of Education
3 Years

Procedure mechanics for plastic and caoutchouc technology manufacture from polymer materials construction caoutchouc fractions, fibre-reinforced composites, plastic windows or foils. They work predominantly in automated manufacturing processes and supervise these processes as well as the quality of the products.

Electronic technician
for industrial engineering (m/w)

Duration of Education
3,5 Years

Arrangement, service and maintenance and repair of production plants
Building of switchboards and wiring
Building installations

Your application for employment

We are glad to get your application papers which you send by post to the following contact address:

Folietec Kunststoffwerk AG
Am Schlifter 7
06571 Roßleben

Or you use our application form.
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For years Folietec Kunststoffwerk AG has been participating in a sustainable network of PRS's pallet reuse system. This involves the controlled reuse and sharing of CP pallets for the European polymer industry. It makes an effective contribution to environmental protection and the careful use of resources as well as to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and minimising packaging waste.
Folietec Kunststoffwerk AG takes part in the IK initiative “Zero Pellet Loss” and created technical and organisational framework in its operations in order to avoid the spillage of pellet and to ensure that any pellet spilt is not released into the environment. Besides we provide training to our employees in the prevention and, should the situation arise, effective elimination of plastic pellet spillage.
Certified Quality
BRC Certification
TÜV Certification
BRC IOP Certification
Kosher Certification

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