To round out its products portfolio, Folietec Kunststoffwerk AG also offers you direct further processing. The range comprises bags, gusseted bags, cuttings and much more that can be produced on 4 conversion lines.

For more than 10 years, the production of liners for 1 loop bags raised to one major part of the conversion possibilities. These liners are available in different grades (for example heat filling,…). With the current equipment liners can be produced with a maximum width of 1,950 mm, a maximum length of 5000 mm and a film strength of 40 μm to 120 μm, both loose and also tear-perforated on one roll.

There are four different sites available for packing.

Thus, a wide range of possibilities is covered:


Widht: to max. 1900mm
loose: 700 – 4500 mm
dotted: 100 – 9000 mm

Flat bags

Width: bis max. 1500 mm
Length: 260 – 3000 mm

Gusseted bags
Those three types (depending on the format) are either loose or also tear-perforated on one roll deliverable.
Bottle neck liner

Width: to max. 1900mm
Lenght: loose – 1200 – 4300 mm
Neck width: 200 – 750 mm
Neck lenght: 250 – 700 mm
The different neck formats are always closely related to the outer dimensions of the liner. Therefore, there are some restrictions for individual formats. Furthermore, it is possible to insert ventilation openings in the Linerecken.

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