PLA-based films

The raw materials used for PLA-based films are biodegradable and comply with EN 13432 and ASTM 6400 standards. Biodegradation is a natural decomposition process of organic materials through the enzymatic action of microorganisms exisiting in the soil. The duration of the degradation always depends on the material thickness and environment conditions. The degradation therefore only takes place industrially under controlled supply of microorganisms and oxygen.

Datasheet PLA-based films

Single- and multilayer films as flat films, tubular films, semi-tubular films.

Physiological harmlessness or datasheet on demand.


100 – 2000 mm flat film
400 – 2000 mm tube film


from 0,030 mm

Finishing Possibilities:

color pigmentation as required


films for agricultural uses
films for gardening
technical films
packaging films

Basically, it is possible to produce the films on both sides pre-treated for printing (full surface or segments), dyed, needled (full surface or segments), perforated and/or monochrome black with marking prints.

All specifications are approximate and always depend on the product-specific requirements.

For special requirements, the manufactured films can be extruded as a parent roll and then cut over a slitter roll (with excellent winding or excellent roll mirror).

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