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Our company was founded in 1991 and has been existing in its actual constellation since August 17th, 1993.

At that time the product range comprised the production of films, PE cores and the recycling of plastics. Already in the early years the main focus was laid on the production of films for the packaging industry. Therefore the processing equipment for PE cores and recycling were outsourced in 1998.


The product portfolio of FOLIEtec Kunststoffwerk AG includes the manufactoring of eco-friendly films, more precisely, the production of polypropylene and polyethylene films with different densities:

  • » Low-Density (LD)
  • » Middle Density (MD)
  • » High Density (HD)
  • » Linear Low Density (LLD)

There are running eight blown film lines (4 co-extrusion lines and mono-extrusion lines= with a maximum width of 3.000mm. Possible designs:

  • » tubular film
  • » gusseted film
  • » half tube
  • » flat film

Further the foils can be stamped inline according to the customer requirements and funcionalities in different designs

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Your professional perspectives with the Folietec Kunststoffwerk AG

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We offer unlimited employer-employee relationships on above-average, adequate remuneration.

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